The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
May 27, 1929
Defeat Two of Strongest Clubs on Successive Days, 7 to 2 and 2 to 0

Traveling west to conquer fields anew the Bethlehem soccer team was triumphant in its quest over the weekend when brilliant victories were accomplished over the Bricklayer F. C. and Sparta clubs, the two most formidable teams in that section.

Both games were won by decisive scores, the Bricklayers going down to defeat in the Saturday game by the score of 7 to 2, and on he following day the Crack Sparta club, recently conquerers of the Hakoah All Stars, National cup champions, were shut out by the score of 2 to 0.

Bethlehem sallied forth not as a cup champion but as champion of the Eastern League and really the logical representative in big league soccer teams in the East. The victories again upheld the boast of supremacy of Eastern club over those of the Mid-West district and under the circumstances all the more meritorious for the Steel men. Both games were witnessed by capacity crowds.

The Bethlehem team departed on Thursday evening and after traveling scarcely arrived in Chicago in time for the opening game. Apparently the traveling had no material effect on the playing of the league champions for they waded through the Bricklayers, cup finalist the year previous, to hand them their most disastrous defeat of the season.

With only one night's rest to recuperate the Bethlehem's came back the following day and the crack Sparta, a club comprised exclusively of foreign and seasoned talent. In this game the Bethlehem defense functioned perfectly while the forwards annexed enough goals to put Bethlehem on the winning side of the ledger. The club is the same one that defeated Hakoah All-Stars, 3 to 2, in a post season game shortly after the Jewish booters had annexed the National championship.

While details received of the two victories have been quite meager as yet, what advance reports indicate that Bethlehem had much the better of the play in both games. As a goal scorer and premium center forward in the country, Chicago fans marveled at the precision and accurate shooting of Archie Stark and the excellent combination of his mates on the forward line who made his goals possible.

Against the Bricklayers on Saturday afternoon Stark counted five of the seven goals notched by his team, an outstanding achievement for any forward. As a climax to a season that will conclude with one or two more games the victories will be inscribed in the records as the outstanding inter-sectional performances of the year.

While nothing definitely has been heard insofar as Bethlehem getting a shot at the Preston North Ends, the team upon its return will prepare for a game in Philadelphia on Memorial day when paying for a Jewish charity, Hakoah will again be the opponent. Many local fans will take advantage of this holiday to travel with the team for the nightcap.

Immediately after the Sparta victory the players embarked for home and will arrive this evening on the Diamond at 7:30 o'clock Standard Time. Many soccer booters will be on hand at the station to accord the players a reception.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club