The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Monday, May 28, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

In the Bag
Bethlehem Steel will be one of the four clubs to compete in the round robin series to determine the championship of the American Soccer League. The New York Giants decided the issue and prevented a deadlock when they took over the Nationals in the Sunday game. At that the Steelmen had a very close escape and can congratulate themselves in sharing the points with New Bedford in the Sunday game. The four clubs to compete for the championship are Boston, winner of the first half, and New Bedford, the runner up; Fall River and Bethlehem, the two clubs to qualify in the second half.

The Cup and Then Defeat
Flag raising, trophy and pennant awards and dedicating new athletic fields usually play havoc with the teams thus honored and to run true to form the Bethlehem soccer team had to drop the game to Providence on the latter's lot yesterday afternoon. Before the game the Steelmen were awarded the Lewis Cup and then dropped the count to the clan of Fletchermen. Incidentally the Lewis trophy has been in competition four years and this was the first season that Bethlehem won the honors in this cup competition.

The Future of Soccer
As a reminder, soccer boosters are expected to turn out en masse this evening at a meeting to be held at the Hotel Bethlehem. At this meeting the future of big league soccer in Bethlehem will probably be determined. The management has submitted a proposition and it is now up to the fans to determine whether they want it or not. The matter must be determined as quickly as possible for a meeting of the American Soccer League will shortly be held at which the management will have to definitely decide whether it is to remain in Bethlehem or play elsewhere. Opinion of the league is that the Steelmen will play in Philadelphia.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club