The Globe -- South Bethlehem
Tuesday, May 29, 1917

The United States Football Association at Boston, yesterday voted to arrange an international series of association football games between teams to be picked from players in this country and Canada, the entire proceeds to be given to the Red Cross organization of the two countries. Peter J. Peel, of Chicago, who was elected president of the association, announced his intention to support contests during war time, but said that care would be taken that players who ought to enlist were not kept from the colors. The annual meeting created a new organization within the association, a so-called national commission, similar to the governing body of baseball. President Peel will be its head. Officers elected by the association include the following: Vice presidents, Douglas Stewart, Philadelphia; George Healey, Detroit; and Harold Crooks, Fall River; secretary, Thomas W. Cahill, New York; treasurer Thomas Bagnall, New York.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club