The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Saturday, May 29, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

That Meeting in New York
Some red hot stuff is anticipated when the moguls of the American Soccer League gather in New York this evening to thrash out the whys and wherefores before reorganizing for the following year. It is the occasion when executives and strategy boards are selected, and, last but not least, when the representatives will have an opportunity to give vent to any grievances, differences, personal squabbles, club battles, etc., that might have cropped up during the season. And of these it is whispered there are plenty. Several of the clubs, it is also hinted, are due for the gate. Whether any will actually be fired remains to be seen when the ballots are cast. The session promise to be about as lively as the hottest game played this season. The magnates are loaded to the neck and have been piling up matters, looking forward to this occasion to unload. The Bethlehem management is sitting tight. If in on any of the doings planned, no one has breathed a word. However, in barnstorming with the club, gossip weathered here and there indicates that some big things are on tap. We would venture to say that at least two clubs will be dropped and possibly a third.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club