The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Tuesday, May 29, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

In on the Playoff
In spite of the announcement appearing in the New York dailies to the effect that if the New York Nationals defeated the Bethlehem soccer team in the final league game on the Polo Grounds on Memorial Day they will be included among the four clubs to play off for the championship of the circuit, a previous ruling of the league has already decided in favor of Bethlehem, regardless of the outcome of the closing game. Of course, one can expect almost anything in soccer but it is hardly likely that the league would have the affront to rescind previous action to throw a bouquet toward the Nationals. IF remembered correctly, the original rule in regard to the playoff teams states that in the event of an additional team not to finish first or second, the one to have compiled the highest percentage in either half is the club to be chose. Therefore, Bethlehem is in the bag for with an average of .707 for the first half, the Nationals do not have a chance of collecting that figure. If the average for the entire season was taken into consideration which it would seem would be in fairness to the clubs involved, Bethlehem would have the fourth place in the playoff clinched.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club