The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Thursday, May 31, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Who's Who
The next few days the executives of the American Soccer League will have to do quite some explaining as a result of misapprehensions entertained by the management of the New York Nationals. Topping the Bethlehem team in the second half of the league season, the National management has come to the conclusion that it will be the Gotham booters and not the Bethlehem team which will be the fourth club to compete in the round robin series of the American Soccer League championship. Bethlehem is just as positive, if not a little bit more so than the Nationals, that it will be the Steel City representatives who will lock horns with Boston, New Bedford and Fall River in the title playoff. The Nationals have gone ahead and broadcast the fact that they will be in there battling for the league championship and may have to do some tall explaining to pacify the Nationals' followers when the official announcement can do naught but name Bethlehem as the fourth club. Of course, funny things have been negotiated in the league and cup play this season and one can never tell just what President Cunningham and his cohorts may decide on.

The Rule is Specific
The exact wording of the rule is not recalled, but the writer is positive that the substance is emphatic in specifying that the team having the highest percentage in either half of the season is the one to qualify for the championship playoff. With that rule in print and recognized as authoritative and final, the league executives would have no other way but to officially designate Bethlehem as the fourth team. The Nationals compiled a slightly better average than Bethlehem in the second half, but their percentage of .583 is a good bit less than Bethlehem's first half figure of .707. The playoff games will be started over the weekend of June 7 and 8 with the Steelmen probably meeting Boston in the first clash and New Bedford and Fall River elected as the opponents for the first round. Bethlehem's games will be played in Boston and the second or Sunday tilt probably in New York or Brooklyn.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club