The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, June 1, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Brand of Soccer in the East
The brand of soccer played in the east was illustrated over the last weekend to Ohioans when the Bethlehem Steel F. C. invaded that territory and returned with two well earned victories, both of which were garnered in a decisive manner. The Steel dribblers minus several of the forward line stars found little opposition from the teams opposed in Cleveland and Akron and rolled up enough goals to create a favorable impression with the soccer clientele in that district. The games incidentally were the closing ones for the Steel Workers and the next month or two will be spent in nursing bruises and resting up after probably the most grueling campaign ever waged by a Bethlehem Steel soccer team.

Open Season for Players
There will be much speculation among fans from now on until the opening of the soccer season late in summer relative tot he players who will again represent the Bethlehem Steel team. The next month or two are regarded more or less as open season when contracts expire and new agreements will have to be signed.. There is no written rule in the American Soccer League against players seeking berths elsewhere but nevertheless a gentleman's agreement which is rigorously carried out which prevents a player from jumping from one club to another unless by consent of the management of the club with which last he was identified with. All of which means that the Steel management can retain all of the present players if it so desires. No inkling of plans in regard to players for next season has been divulged by any authoritative source and if any players are to be released and new men secured to fill in the vacancies no announcement to that effect has yet been made. However, assurances are given that the Steel Workers will be in there next season and in fighting hard to grab some of the honors of which they were deprived in the soccer campaigning just ended.

Pass Up Hope for Alex Jackson
While his letters to friends and members of the Bethlehem Steel soccer team were encouraging the management has practically given up all expectations of Alex Jackson, former Steel Worker, returning to this country during the summer to again affiliate with his teammates. The youngster who earned his international cap in most impressive manner and shared in the fruits of victory in three international clashes was recently transferred to another club for a fabulous sum and that transaction leaves him out entirely insofar as the Steel Workers are concerned. In letters to friends on this side of the pond young Jackson intimated strongly that he expected to return this summer and again hang up is togs in a locker in the Bethlehem Steel gymnasium.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club