Bethlehem Globe
Monday, June 2, 1924
Local Soccer Team Surprises Fans by Tripping Champs on Home Grounds

Bethlehem Steel greatly surprised the fans when the defeated Fall River on the latter's home field and incidentally the first defeat there of the season, yesterday afternoon by the score of 2 goals to 1. Five thousand fans witnessed the game which was a succession of thrills from start to finish.

The Steel Workers had much the better of the play in the open, but Fall River seemed to be more dangerous when within the vicinity of the goal. Bethlehem was first to score after about twenty minutes of play, when Fryer placed the ball back to Kerr, the ball rolling into the net to the surprise of the spectators. Fryer was hard pressed about twelve yards from goal with the Jacksons, Walter and Alec, rushing in on each side. The Fall River halfback was unable to clear and pushed the ball back to Kerr to get relief. IF h had rolled it on the ground, it is quite likely that Alec Jackson would have tipped it in the net, so he lifted it high for Kerr to clear with his hands. Kerr didn't seem to sense the situation and stepped out of the goal and the ball sailed over the net. The error of judgment was on the part of the goalkeeper.

Bethlehem had much the better of the play in the last fifteen minutes but it looked as if Kerr would frustrate all efforts to score when one of the biggest surprises ever enacted on the soccer field was staged with thirty seconds to go. Hundreds of fans had already left the grounds convinced that a draw was the final result, when an indiscretion on the part of McKenna, similar to that of Maxwell, led to Bethlehem counting the winning goal. McKenna had the ball in and tried to hang on to it too long. Alec Jackson, who had been closely following the ball all afternoon, nipped in front of him and took it from his toe just as he was about to part with it. In a flash Alec whipped the ball to Goldie. The latter carried the ball to within about thirty yards of the goal along the touchline and then sent over a beautiful center and Walter Jackson who was now playing center forward for Bethlehem rushed in and seemed to sense that Kemp was beaten by the ball and with a great effort jumped up and headed the ball out of the reach of Kerr. The spectators were dumbfounded. The ball was kicked off but hadn't traveled five yards when the game ended. For Bethlehem to place second the Steel Workers must win the New York game at the latter place next Sunday.

None of the Bethlehem players deserves special mention as everyone worked and did his part in the victory in a manner that was highly creditable in the biggest upset of the season.

The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Fall River
Carson -- G -- Kerr
Young --RFB -- Tate
Ferguson -- LFB -- Kemp
McGregor -- LHB -- McPherson
Carnihan -- CHB -- Raeside
Robertson -- RHB -- Fryer
W. Jackson -- CF -- Campbell
A. Jackson -- OR -- Reid
Grainger -- IR -- Gallagher
Maxwell -- IL -- McGowan
Goldie -- OL -- McKenna
Goals: Campbell, W. Jackson and Fryer (in own goal). Referee, Oats, Philadelphia; linesmen, J. Walders, of Philadelphia; Thomas Cunningham, of Brooklyn. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club