The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Thursday, June 3, 1926
H. E. Lewis Chairman at Banquet at Hotel Bethlehem Players Receive Gold Watches

Members of the Bethlehem soccer team, and their friends, including representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, gathered around the festive board in the University Room of the Hotel Bethlehem on Wednesday evening and spent several highly enjoyable hours reminiscing and hearing complimentary remarks on the success of the Bethlehem Steel soccer team.

Won 5th Championship

The occasion was a testimonial dinner to the players in honor of their winning the National soccer championship the fifth won by the Steelmen. The players and others were the guests of the Bethlehem Steel soccer management.

Many of the old timers joined with the present day clan of soccer exponents in contributing many interesting soccer tails. There were present Fred Popper, J. Harry Carpenter, Johnny Galbraith, Bobby Morrison, H. E. Lewis and others who were among the first to introduce the sport in this city.

H. E. Lewis, vice president of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, was the chairman and in introducing the speakers, related man y interesting details associated with soccer since its inception in Bethlehem to the present.

Ernest Ashley, of Allentown, referred to cricket as really being the start of soccer and told of the days when Allentown and Bethlehem each had teams. Games were played regularly with schedule alternating each weekend, billed as Bethlehem vs. Allentown and Allentown vs. Bethlehem. Mr. Ashley related how later he became an advocate of soccer and a booster for the Bethlehem team, but centered his athletic activities more exclusively on tennis, in which sport he is recognized as the "daddy" in the neighboring city.

H. J. Mack, president of the Chamber of Commerce, A. H. Buck, secretary, and William J. Heller represented this body at the dinner. MR. Mack and Mr. Buck both spoke of the team as one of the biggest advertising mediums of the city and showered the players with congratulations on their success in bringing back to Bethlehem the greatest soccer laurels obtainable in America. James A. Hart, representative of the West Side; Gene Collins, H. H. Shulze, A. Deardon, of Easton, J. H. Carpenter, Fred Pepper, John Galbraith, William Sheridan, Capt. Bill Carnihan, James Easton, John Ferguson and W. L. Lewis were among those who responded to the call of the toast master with brief remarks.

Fine Watches Presented

In addition to the banquet the players were well awarded for the part they played in winning the National Championship. The management presented each of the regulars with a beautiful green gold Hamilton watch, on the back of which was engraved the initials of the player and the inside of the back lid a suitable inscription. TO make the gift complete the Chamber of Commerce presented the players with a handsome green gold chain and knife. Members of the team who did not participate in any of the cup games were presented with leather wallets.

Those present were: James Easton, J. Berryman, W. Allen, F. Harris, W. Carnihan, R. MacGregor, T. Raeside, R. Terris, J. Ferguson, J. Granger, J. Rollo, M. Goldie, D. Carson, W. Highfield, G. Visser, A. Robertson, R. Morrison, J. Galbraith, W. Forrest, F. Pepper, J. Wilson, William Stark, J. H. Carpenter, F. S. Nonemacher, Tomas Weir, A. H. Buck, H. J. Mack, W. J. Heller, James A. Hart, Horace Williams, R. Hoffert, William Sheridan, L. Evans, William Lewis, T. A. Lewis, H. H. Shulze, Dr. Marsteller, Eugene Collins. W. Richman, Ernest Ashley, Allentown; A. Deardon of Easton; W. Gunning, P. I. Bieber, E. C. Waite, J. Nicholson, H. E. Lewis and W. Lewis.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club