The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Thursday, June 3, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

What's Wrong With Soccer Patronage?
How often do we hear "What's wrong with the soccer patronage in Bethlehem?" This is an old cry and apparently a tiresome howl to many sports lovers. Efforts to diagnose the local ailment have been futile thus far, but hopes are entertained that eventually the merits of this sport will be recognized. "Soccer is the most extensively played sport in the world," said an 'old timer' recently. "It is played in practically every country of the world and thousands seem to delight in watching it," he said. "The intricacies of the game present a thrill a minute and it is beyond me to fathom the lack of interest which at present seems prevalent in Bethlehem. The city has one of the finest teams in the country and has had for close to a score of years. Most peculiar on the situation is that in going back to the early days of soccer in Bethlehem, when it was seldom that an important game filed to attract a crowd of less than two thousand, and in one particularly instance, I recall the attendance totaling close to seven thousand. When we compare the present day corporal's guard with those attendances, it is really discouraging. In behalf of those who are supporters, let me say that there isn't a more loyal crowd of sports followers. There certainly is something to the game, otherwise it wouldn't take the way it does in other countries. And some day, hoping it will be in the near future, local sports lovers are going to find that 'something' to stimulate their interest in the booting game." Let it be hoped that those who have fostered the only major sport in the Lehigh Valley do not lose their patience.

A Distinction Unsurpassed
While on the soccer subject, let us call attention to a distinction in the booting game in America which is unsurpassed and accredited to the veteran Jock Ferguson, still hale and hearty after a good many years of soccer campaigning, but still quite able to hold his own with the best fullbacks in the country. Jock was rewarded for his long and faithful service with the local club when he was relieved from active duties to become trainer of the club. However, in an emergency, the veteran was always able to produce and he "pinched" creditably in quite a few of the games this season. This distinction which no other soccer player in this country can boast of is that of having won five national championship medals. That is the number of National championships won by Bethlehem and Jock has been there with the club in every one of its triumphant achievements and judging by his present physical condition, will be with the club for a good many more seasons, possibly to add to his cherished array of trophies.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club