Bethlehem Globe
Wednesday, June 4, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Increasing the Ranks of the Cash Customers
The popularity of soccer among the employees of the Main Office and gradually infecting the toilers throughout the plant of the Bethlehem Steel Co., should mean a marked increase in the ranks of the cash customers when the Steel Workers inaugurate their 1924-25 campaign in Fall. If these enthusiasts display as spectators just half the interest they are taking in actual hostilities the players and the adherents of the prospective departments added to the present ranks of the soccer devotees should mean a material increase in the gate receipts. For years effort has been directed in stimulating greater interest in the sport and of late it seems as though the results are to be realized. The inter-department games have a tendency to educate a good many of the followers in the rudiments of the sport and are setting a foundation which will enable these fans to greater appreciate and enjoy the playing of the crack teams comprising the American Soccer League.

Took the Fall Out of Fall River
Fans in Fall River are wondering what it's all about and are just beginning to come to earth and realize that Bethlehem Steel invaded their precincts last Sunday afternoon and inflicted on their soccer playing talent what no other club did on the home playing field this season. The injury was a well merited 2 to 1 victory over the National champions. Since Fall River won the National title and the American Soccer League pennant, fans in the New England woods were beginning to believe that the team was invincible and the habit of seeing the home crowd turn in victories began to grow on them. However, since the visit of the Steel Workers on Sunday afternoon this impression has been greatly altered for in winning Bethlehem annexed the first victory scored by any team on the Fall River plying field this season. Sweetest of all was avenging the trouncing Bethlehem sustained at the hands of the New England rivals on their last visit to Bethlehem.

One More Game and Then Close Down Shop
Bethlehem Steel soccer tam is headed for one more game and will then close down shop. The game is important in that on the outcome hinges second place in the league race. The finale will be staged in New York Oval on Sunday afternoon with the New York F. C., runners-up to Fall River leading Bethlehem in the club standing by a one point margin. And Bethlehem expects to win, confident by the team's previous successes in the oval. The Steel Workers were victorious on two of their three visits to New York during the season and that is saying much for no other team has succeeded in defeating the New Yorkers on their home grounds this season. Fall River came closest to accomplishing the feat by playing two draws with the Gotham tribe. Even though unable to clinch the league bunting the Steel Workers have the distinction and can rest on their laurels of being the only team to defeat Fall River and that was accomplished on no less than three occasions during the season and what is most significant is defeating Fall River on the home grounds with a rabid raving mob of home town rooters present.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club