The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Monday, June 7, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Played to More than 200,000 Fans
Statistics recently made public disclose that the Hakoah soccer team, the touring organization of Jewish athletes from Vienna, played before a total of about 200,000 fans. The tour comprised ten games. The gate receipts were considerably in excess of $400,000. These figures go down as a the record breaking attendance in the history of soccer in America and certainly augur well for the success of the sport in the future. True, many of the 200,000 attended the games out of sentimental reasons, as the tour was a charity proposition. However, it is these "first timers" who had a taste of soccer who are coming back to see more of the game and will undoubtedly boost the ranks of the enthusiasts.

Jewish Players to Return
Many of the Jewish players will return to America within the next two or three months to sport the colors of the clubs of the American Soccer League. Impressed with their playing and believing that their acquisition will materially bolster up their clubs, Brooklyn and Indiana Flooring secured the signature of no less than half a dozen of the Hakoah celebrities. This means that the popularity of these players will serve as a magnet in brining many of the thousands who witnessed them in action back to the soccer parks next fall. It was one of the best moves ever made by the Metropolitan clubs, and we would now recommend that the New York clubs show a similar enterprise in the matter of securing suitable grounds.

Brooklyn Wanderers Get Four
One of the six players who will return to America to cast their lot with the major sport in this country, the Brooklyn Wanderers will present four of the half dozen. The players landed by Manager Agar are Leo Drucker, center halfback; the veteran Alexander Neufeld, rated as one of the greatest outside rights of all time; Josef Eisenhoffer, inside left, who led the team in goal scoring on its tour, and the alternate center forward, Heinrich Schoenfeld. The veteran Bob Millar did the negotiation for Indiana Flooring and signed Moriz Hauesler, Hakoah captain, who plays at inside right, and Albert Guttman, a halfback, who alternated with Drucker in the pivotal defense position. Hauesler displayed a fine toe and great stamina and next to Neufeld is counted the outstanding star of the team.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club