The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Thursday, June 7, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Now For Boston
New York National's high salaried stars augmented by recent importations were jolted good and proper in the nightcap of the two-game series played on the Polo Grounds last night and Bethlehem by winning qualified to meet Boston in the next round to determine the championship of the American Soccer League. Vanquished here on Monday night by the count of two to one, the Nats were completely humiliated in the nightcap when Bethlehem piled up four goals to none in the Nats' own back yard. The result of the series was quite unbecoming for a National champion and will give Mr. Stoneham and his lieutenants plenty to think about in rigging up his outfit for the campaign next season. Insofar as soccer laurels are concerned, the Nats with the National cup title secure, might just as well play dead from now on until next fall when the league grind will be inaugurated.

The Bethlehem Center Forward
When in proper mood and physically fit, the choice of center forwards in this country remains with Archie Stark, Bethlehem front line pivot man. Center forwards have come and center forwards have gone, many of whom were old country celebrities, but Stark, it would seem, goes on forever and in condition is undoubtedly the most dangerous scoring forward in this soccer business. Stark has been used at various positions on the forward line but is undoubtedly at his best when flanked by the inside and wing forwards. His job is a tough one, quite evident in the Nat game here last Monday and the majority of his goals are notched against the most vigorous defensive tactics. His reputation as a goal scoring forward is known throughout the league and when a newcomer enters the circuit he is immediately put wise to the cunning and ability of the Bethlehem center. "Watch Stark" is the admonition to every team facing Bethlehem and the opposing defense will usually risk attention to the other forwards to devote exclusively to Stark. Against the Nats on Monday Stark broke through to place the ball into the net and on several other occasions when he threatened to break through the Nats backs were not very particular how they stopped him as long as they did. Teams may boast of center forwards, but our choice of premier center remains with Stark. Four goals in two games against a team of the caliber of the Nats is quite an accomplishment.

The Rangers as Spectators
Complimenting the team on the fine display of soccer, the Glasgow Rangers hustled out of the Polo Grounds yesterday before the game was completed and much to their regret to make a train connection for Pittsburgh. However, before leaving the crack Scottish team did not hesitate in commending favorably on the skill of the two teams. Unfortunately for Bethlehem the visitors did not see the Steelmen at their best for they left before the winners unleashed their barrage of goals which came late in the second half. Bethlehem's play was probably the best exhibition ever given in New York and the possibilities of the club by adopting a style called for was evident by their work. New Yorkers, although deploring the fact that the Nats were eliminated in the grind for the league title, were not hesitant in bestowing congratulations upon the good work of the Steelmen.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club