Bethlehem Globe
Monday, June 9, 1924
In Great Form, Steel Workers Clean Up New York F. C. In Final Game

Bethlehem Steel soccer team finished the soccer season in great form yesterday when it defeated the New York F. C. at New York Oval in an American League game by the decisive score of 4 goals to 1. The victory reversed the positions in the league table between these teams, New York dropping to third place and Bethlehem taking second position. Previous to the game New York had a one-point margin over Bethlehem and a draw would have maintained the positions of the league table previous to the game.

In the first three minutes of the game it was readily seen that no ordinary team could stop the Steel Workers. They worked the ball through the New York defenses in an amazing manner and before the game was twenty minutes old the score stood 3 to 0 in favor of Bethlehem.

Five minutes from the start Walter Jackson was denied a goal when the upright intervened on the best shot of the day. Jackson got the ball forty yards out and after cleverly eluding the defense shot with great power. The ball struck the upright with Geudert helpless. This was a fortunate break for New York, but only made the Steel Workers more determined than ever. A few minutes later Alec Jackson opened the scoring when he met a dropping center from Goldie and sent it into the net from twenty yards' range.

Continuing the pressure the Bethlehem forward had the New York defense in a maze and the second goal was registered in quick order when Maxwell put his foot on a cross from Turner. This goal was also a first-time effort. Two goals up at twelve minutes seemed to be too much for New York and before they had recovered their composure Geudert was forced to concede a corner. Goldie placed a kick in beautiful fashion within six yards of the goal and McGregor headed into the net in a most approved manner.

At half time the officials held a consultation as to whether or not to call the game, due to the condition of the ground and the heavy rain, but decided to continue and the teams turned around.

Bethlehem continued to have the best of the game for the first fifteen minutes but a foul called against Alec Jackson within thirty yards of the Bethlehem goal seemed to be a turning point for New York. Terris took the shot and hit the crossbar with a great drive. The ball dropped in the mud and water directly in front of the goal and Herd rushed in and drove it into the net. This goal had a great effect on the play of the New York team. The bewilderment that was apparent previous to this score was gone and for the next ten minutes the Bethlehem defense went through a continual siege. Carson, in goal for the Steel Workers, made some of the finest saves ever made in a Bethlehem goal. Low shots and headers from close range were handled in such a convincing manner that the rest of the team renewed their efforts and the determined New York rally was repulsed. After this, one continuous siege of ten minutes New York never had another chance and the Steel Workers soon had the ball at the other end where Walter Jackson made the score 4 to 1 on a cross from Goldie, striking the inside of the post from a difficult angle with Geudert making a great effort to save.

Previous to the New York-Bethlehem game Whitey Fleming's gang from Pawtucket defeated the National Giants 5 goals to 1. This was a big upset and the blond ex-Bethlehem star scored two of the goals, giving him second position in the goal scoring average, something unusual for an outside left. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- New York
Carson -- G -- Geudert
Young -- RFB -- Kelly
D. Ferguson -- LFB -- Ferrier
McGregor -- RHB -- T. Stark
Carnihan -- CHB -- Terris
Robertson -- LHB -- Herd
Turner -- OR -- Duggan
A. Jackson -- IR -- McGuire
W. Jackson -- CF -- A. Stark
Maxwell -- IL -- McNiven
Goldie -- OL -- McGhee
Goals: A. Jackson, Maxwell, McGregor, W. Jackson, Herd. Referee: Holiday of Brooklyn, N. Y. Linesmen, Cunningham and Crichton. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club