The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Thursday, June 9, 1927
Giants-Bethlehem Lineup and Hakoah Battle Without Score on Polo Grounds.

That soccer by artificial light, other conditions being favorable, is entirely feasible was clearly shown to the satisfaction of a crowd of 10,000 enthusiasts at the Polo Grounds in New York, Wednesday night when the Hakoah eleven from Vienna encountered a combined team representing two American Soccer League clubs, the New York Giants and Bethlehem Steel, holder of the league championship and the game ended in a scoreless tie.

The field of the classic playground for baseball lovers was bright as daylight, the rays from a dozen 1,000 candle-power arc lights, perched on the roofs of the high pavilions and club house, reached every nook and corner of the enclosure. So accurate had the lights been placed that there was not a shadow within the space, 110 yards by 80.

The illuminating units were high enough to permit the players' eyes to follow the ball, painted white, no matter how high it was kicked in the air. As the sphere descended they had no trouble in intercepting, and, when favorably placed, trapping it.

For all practical purposes the conditions were precisely the same as though the sun were shining brightly overhead. The play was just as fast, the individual efforts quite as spontaneous and the team work all that could be reasonably expected under normal conditions.

Hakoah Beth-Giants
Fabian G Douglas
Scheur RFB Tandler
Gold LFB Moorehouse
Fried RHB Herd
Guttman CHB Carnihan
Hess LHB McKinney
Schwartz OR Jaap
Maeusler IR Stark
Gruenwald CF Brown
Wortmann IL Rollo
Fischer OL Goldie
Referee: Jack Hume. Linesmen: S> Day and J. Hayes. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Substitutions: Strouhs for Hess, Mausner for Guttman, Guttman for Mausner, Hess for Wortman, O'Brien for Rollo, Rollo for O'Brien, O'Brien for Stark, Stark for Brown, McAdam for McKinney.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club