The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, June 10, 1918
And In This Manner Is Able to Tie Jersey Team in National League
All the Points Were Made the First Half by Ratican and Murphy

On Saturday afternoon at the Bethlehem Steel athletic field, Bethlehem Steel defeated Paterson F. C. by the score of two goals to nothing in a National League game. This game was an exceptionally fast one and some clever soccer was witnessed. The Steel Workers played the better game and the score just about represents the difference between the two teams.

Captain Pepper won the toss and elected to play with the sun and a slight breeze behind him. Hayes kicked off for Paterson and in the first minute Duncan had to handle a long shot from McCreevey. The Bethlehem forwards got possession of the goal tender's long clearance and after some clever work in front of the goal Forrest just missed the upright with a low drive. The Bethlehem halfbacks got possession of the goal tender's kick-out and once more the Bethlehem forwards moved in on Healey, but Forrest's shot went over the bar. A raid by the Paterson left wing looked dangerous, but Duncan cleared Neilson. A foul against Kirkpatrick helped Paterson, but offside against Neilson relieved the pressure. After long exchanges by the fullbacks Murray got possession of the goal tender's kick-out and, placing nicely to Murphy, the latter tricked G. Murray and sent over a beautiful cross shot and Ratican, following up, placed the ball beyond Healey's reach with a beautiful header. This success was of great assistance to the Steel Workers and for a time it looked as though they would add to the score at any minute, but the shooting was poor, Murphy, Fleming and Ratican shooting wide.

On the restart, the Steel Workers had to play against the wind and the sun for the first time in the game. Paterson looked really dangerous but the Bethlehem defense was too strong for them and Pepper and Murphy carried the ball down t he left wing with clever passing, the latter forcing a corner off G. Murray, but Campbell headed it over the bar. At this stage of the game, Paterson forwards looked as though they could not break away, the Bethlehem halfback line holding them at every opportunity. The final whistle found the Steel Workers victorious by the score of two goals to nothing.

The summary:

Paterson F. C. -- Bethlehem
Healey -- G -- Duncan
G. Murray -- RFB -- Fletcher
Todd -- LFB -- Ferguson
Moret -- RHB -- T. Murray
Vandeweigh -- CHB -- Campbell
Broadbent -- LHB -- Kirkpatrick
Garside -- OR -- Murphy
Casey -- IR -- Pepper
Hayes -- CF -- Ratican
Nielson -- IL -- Forrest
McGreevey -- OL -- Fleming
Goals -- Murphy, Ratican. Linesmen -- Easton and Garside. Referee -- Charles Ward.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club