The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Friday, June 10, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Friendly Enemies
The Bethlehem F. C. and New York Giants, both members of the American Soccer League are combining their forces in several post-season exhibition games. Against the Hakoahs in the first big night soccer game ever attempted, Bethlehem contributed to the lineup and will again do so in a Giant-Bethlehem clash against the Maccabees, a touring soccer outfit from Palestine. In league or cup competition the two teams are deadly rivals, but friendly enemies in the exhibition tilts.

Territorial Rights
There are even such things as territorial rights in American League soccer. Rights which should be discarded at the close of the regular playing season, but which apparently hold good at all times. Otherwise Gotham patrons would undoubtedly see the Bethlehem team intact in the post-season games. Bethlehem is the big attraction and promoters of these exhibition tilts realize this. If the team can't play intact, a New York team can include Bethlehem stars in its lineup, and this is what is being done. Indiana Flooring presented the infringement kick, one which at this late date would seem inspired entirely through personal differences. However, the promoters have found a way of getting around the protest by augmenting a joint combination of Bethlehem and Giant players. As sponsors of the Hakoah tour, relations between the New York and Bethlehem managements are of the friendliest sort.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club