The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, June 11, 1918
Soccer Notes

The United States Football Association will meet Friday evening in Pittsburgh to decide a protest entered by Paterson F. C. against Player Ferro of the New York F. C. Paterson claimed that Ferro was ineligible to play in the game they lost to New York F. C. The decision of the committee will practically decide the final standing in the National League. At present time both Bethlehem and Paterson have lost two games and drawn one, with Paterson still having one more game to play with New York F. C. at Paterson. If Paterson is successful in the protest the best they can do is to tie Bethlehem for the championship, which will make a replay on neutral grounds necessary.

The Steel Workers proved conclusively on Saturday that they were the real leaders of the National League and if they had been able to concentrate in the one league only, as Paterson has, they would be certain to have a commanding lead at this time. The strain of National and American cup games had a lot to do with the result of the game at West Hudson recently that Bethlehem lost.

The much touted Paterson left wing did not make much headway against the Bethlehem defense, Fletcher taking good care of anything that got past Murray.

Duncan and Ferguson played their usual steady game, and Kirkpatrick and Campbell were bulwarks in the halfback line.

Todd, the right fullback of Paterson gave a good display but the halfbacks in front of him were no match for Forrest and Fleming.

Pepper and Murphy are easily the most effective right wing in the country. Pepper's aggressiveness and clever footwork having a lot to do with the many brilliant runs that Murphy has along the line.

If a replay is necessary in the National league, Paterson will have to improve over Saturday's display and at that the Steel Workers' attack can be more effective.

Ratican seems to be able to get at least one goal in every game. His continual hurtling of the defense has earned the respect of the teams he has staged against this season.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club