The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, June 12, 1918
At That Time Fifth Annual Session of U. S. Football Association Will Meet.
To the Champion Bethlehem Team and Runner-Up Fore River Rovers.

The William Penn Hotel at Pittsburgh will be the meeting place for soccer men duirng the latter part of the week, the fifth annual session of the Council of the United States Football Association being scheduled for next Saturday and Sunday. Committee meetings will be held on Friday. The management of the Steel Workers is much interested in the latter meeting when the protest registered by the Paterson F. C. against the New York F. C. will be decided. If the appeals committee vote in favor of the protest, the Paterson team will be returned winners in the National League. If the vote is cast the other way, Paterson and Bethlehem will be tie for the honors and another games is quite likely.

The presentation of the medals to the champion Bethlehem team and the runner-up medals to the Fall River Rovers will occur at the annual dinner, June 15.

The following proposed changes in the constitution and rules of the U. S. F. A. have been submitted tot he rules and revision committee of the U. S. F. A.:

Constitution and Rules

By Minnesota State Football Association, Inc.:

Rule IV -- Add new clause: "No one shall be qualified for office in the association or for membership in the Council who is not a citizen of the United States."

Rule XIV -- Change clause 2 to read: "For the propose of administering the affairs of the association between Council meetings there shall be a National Commission composed of the president, vice president and secretary," etc.

By the American Football Association:

Rule IV, clause 4, page 7 -- change to read: "Past presidents shall be entitled to all the privileges of this association, including the privilege of voting."

Rule V, page 7 -- Add new clause: "No officer of this association nor any representative of any affiliated association in the Council shall be qualified to serve as a salaried official, employed by this association until his resignation as officer or representative shall have been received.

Rule XXXIII, clause 5, page 17 -- After Form C omit "May not play" and insert "shall neither sign nor play."

Natioanl Challenge Cup Rules

By Second Vice President George Healey, Detroit, Mich.:

Rule V -- Delete the following clause: "The surviving club in each district shall be entitled to call itself champion of that particular district."

By the American Football Association:

Rule XX, page 30 -- after "linesmen" insert "No member of the committee shall be eligible to appointment as referee or linesmen in any game played in this competition.

Rule XXXIV, page 34 -- After "Council," insert: "or the National Commission."

By Illinois State Football Association:

Rule XXVI of the National Challenge Cup Competition, Article 5, to read as follows: "In the semi-final and final ties, the entire proceeds less expenses (steamboat or railroad fare and hotel expenses) shall be equally divided between the association and the two competing clubs."

By United States Referee Union:

Proposed: That an additional rule be added to the rules of the National Challenge Cup competition rules to read as follows: "That all referees and linesmen selected to officiate in the semi-final and final games shall be members of the United States Referee union and that neither referee nor linesmen shall act in that capacity a second time after once having been honored by the National Challenge Cup Committee."

The following four proposals of changes to the constitution and rules, and three proposed changes to the National Challenge Cup rules have been offered irregularly by Treasurer Thomas Bagnall and the Rules and Revision Committee therefore is unable to pass them for consideration; they are left to the discretion of the Council:

Constitution and Rules

Rule XXIII, page 3, line 1 -- Add after the word "professional" a comma, and continue "and no club will be permitted to have more than 18 registered playing members in any one season.

Rule XXVII, page 14, line 11 -- Add after the word "secretary" on this line, "accompanied with the fee of $5."

Rule XXXII, page 17, paragraph 5, second line -- substitute after "form C," Shall not sign or play," and eliminate the wording "may not play."

Rule XXXII, paragraph 4 of the constitution -- Add a new sentence after line 5, page 17, to read: "Associations failing to file their list of registrations within the required time shall be fined the sum of ten dollars."

Natioanl Challenge Cup Rules

Rule XXIV, page 31, line 9 -- add after the figure $15.00," "Which must be in Cash, Money Order or Certified Check."

Rule III, page 33, line 3 -- Add after the word "Association," "And file a report with the secretary of the association."

Rule XXX should be made a provisional paragraph to Rule XXVI. Make it paragraph 7 and add the words, "which will be" after "per cent," on the fourth line.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club