The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Tuesday, June 12, 1928
Feeling is That Interest Enough Can Be Shown to Keep Team Here

A spirited meeting of the soccer boosters was held last evening at the Hotel Bethlehem, attended by representatives of the service clubs and Charles E. Goodenough, representing the Chamber of Commerce.

The matter of retaining the club in Bethlehem was gone into thoroughly and reports heard from men active in the capacity of committees, who had made a casual survey throughout the city and reported sentiment favorable to retaining the club and favorable activities toward securing pledges of support.

The Booster Club went on record favoring the transfer of the team to Allentown in the event that Bethlehem falls down in its efforts to guarantee the necessary support. There contention is that such a transfer would enable the local loyals to journey to the neighboring city to see the games.

Since the initial meeting several weeks ago, when the conditions were presented to the soccer fans, the boosters have been very active and with the cooperation of the service clubs and the Chamber of Commerce hope to be in a position very shortly to guarantee the club the support necessary.

This assurance will have to be forthcoming before the end of this month, for the annual meeting of the league is scheduled to be held on the first Saturday in July. At this meeting the management will have to declare its intentions for next season and it is no secret that the league executives would welcome the transfer of the team to Philadelphia.

It was decided that the Booster Club will fete the Bethlehem players at a banquet to be held at the Hotel Bethlehem on the night of June 25 in honoring their success in winning the American Soccer League cup competition for the Lewis trophy. This was one of the three major honors competed for during the season.

On this occasion it is planned to extend a general invitation to all sports followers and it is hoped that a monster gathering will be present.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club