The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, June 14, 1922
Medals are Given Local Players at Festivities at Saucon Country Club

Beautiful gold medals were awarded last evening to fourteen players, the president and trainer of the Philadelphia soccer team, formerly the Bethlehem Steel Company eleven, champions of the American Soccer League, at a banquet tendered them at the Saucon Country Club. W. L. Lewis, president of the league, and of the team, presided as toastmaster. A few invited guests, among them men formerly associated with the team or supporters, were present.

The medals were formally presented by President Lewis. Other brief speeches were made by Oliver Cochran, a warm supporter of the team; William Sheridan, former manager, and F red Morely, a player. The medals, enclosed in a green plush case, are works of art, in green and yellow gold. The design is imposed within a wreath, with a scroll bearing the dates, 1921-1922. Upon a miniature representation of a soccer ball rests a large eagle whose eye is a beautiful cut diamond. On the back of the eagle rests a shield enameled in red, white and blue, with the initials "A. S. L." representing the name of the league. On the reverse appears the engraved inscription, "Philadelphia Soccer Club, champions, American Soccer League." and the name of the recipient.

The medals were given to the following players: Highfield, Kerr, Bethune, Ferguson, Collier, Murray, Neilson, Lorimer, Forrest, Campbell, Jaap, Brittan, Morley and Fleming, and to Trainer William Stark and President Lewis.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club