The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Tuesday, July 14, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Stricter Rules and Penalties
Believing that soccer has "arrived" and that the present bylaws present numerous loopholes for violation "just within the law," a new set of rules were ordered drafted which will be far more drastic than those in vogue at present. Guarantees are to be made in cash and not in bond and penalties must be paid or the franchise forfeited. These are but a few of the rules to be revised. Suggestions relative to an increase in the percentage at the going rate to the visiting club were heard and discussed but no definite action taken. It is understood that a split of 60 and 40 was suggested, abut this division met with strenuous protest. However, it is probable that a comprise will be reached with the share of the gate for the visiting club, to range from 25 to 30 percent.

To Split the League Season
A soccer league's championship can be won twice in one season. Believing that greater interest would be maintained throughout the season, the league voted favorably to split the season into halves, the first half to end some time in the middle of December and the second half in May. With the present number of clubs listed this would mean about 22 games for each team in each half. The contention no doubt is that many of the clubs get away to a poor start and when practically out of the running, come through with a winning stride. Also that a team may experience unusual success by winning early season games and establish a lead hard to overcome. Soccer fans will hardly kick at halving the season. It is believed that this plan is one of the most popular pieces of business consummated by the league. The arrangement might present the opportunity for another attractive series of games to climax the season. That of playing the champions of the respective halves in the event, of course, of two different teams are the title winners.

Philadelphia to Stick
The executives and representatives are apparently determined to keep Philadelphia represented in the league. The Phillies went to smash toward the close of last season, violating the rules in more than one respect and seemed threatened to lose their franchise. The league officials no doubt recognized the financial straits the club experienced and more so in sympathy and the desire to keep Philadelphia represented in major soccer, voted to reinstate the Quakers. So the Phillies will be back in the fold next season.

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