The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, June 15, 1925
American Association Will be Increased to 13 Clubs New Year

The American Soccer League was increased to thirteen clubs at the fourth annual meeting held in New York City last Saturday and Sunday when the Shawsheen Football Club of Shawsheen, Mass., was admitted to membership. The newcomer to the league was the winner of the national challenge trophy this year. Volumes of business were disposed of and the sessions concluded with the election of officers and a sumptuous banquet, tendered by the league.

Fred J. Smith, of Brooklyn, was reelected president; Jack Brown, of East Newark, vice president, in place of M. F. Kelly, who resigned; Thomas W. Cahill, of New York, secretary; R. S. Cummings, of Pawtucket, treasurer and James Armstrong, recording secretary.

The Abbott Worsted F. C. withdrew its entry to compete next season and the application of the Hispano F. C. of New York, for a franchise was not accepted.

An honorarium of $1,000 was unanimously voted to Thomas W. Cahill, secretary; $500 to James Armstrong, recording secretary; $300 to R. S. Cummings, treasurer, for services rendered during the last season.

The makeup of the league for next season will be Fall River, Bethlehem Steel, Brooklyn Wanderers, Boston, New Bedford, Providence, J & P Coats, Indiana Flooring, New York Giants, Fleisher Yarn, Newark, Philadelphia and Shawsheen.

President Smith presided at the dinner when the League Cup donated by H. E. Lewis of Bethlehem, was presented to the Boston Football Club represented by Thomas Wood, its vice president. Among the other speakers were William Muldoon, boxing commissioner; John Farrell, of Philadelphia, George M. Wallace, of Shawsheen Village, J. E. Shay of Fall River and John B. Foster and E. P Duffy of New York.

Among the amendments, recommendations and motions acted upon were the following:

The suggested reduction of percentages of the gate receipts from 20 to 10 percent, for visiting clubs was not approved and the present 80-20 stands.

An amendment to the rule expressing the standing by percentage instead of points and offered by Indiana Flooring was not carried and points will remain.

A proposed amendment that the attention of the referees to their duty to examine all balls intended to be played with prior to staring a match was approved.

A proposed amendment in regard to the transfer of players was approved and the league went on record as recognizing any transfer or sale as binding on a player.

The president, vice president and corresponding secretary comprising the emergency committee instead of only the president and secretary, as previously, was adopted.

The secretary to be a paid official was an amendment approved. He shall receive the sum of $100 a week to conduct the office out of which he shall pay for clerical assistance, publicity and rent. The only expenses of the secretary's office in addition to the $100 weekly shall be postage, telephones, telegrams, cables, stationery and traveling. He shall devote his time to the American Soccer League exclusively.

The suggestion of the league that the treasurer's bond be raised to $20,000 was adopted as was a suggestion that the clubs be required to clear their grounds of snow whenever possible.

Motions approved and which have to do with the referees were that the league ultimately adopt a list of eight referees: that for the time being the league accept four out of the eight and put them on a salary, the men be permitted to work, but to be at all times in good condition and subject to the call of the league; that for the time being, the additional six men be placed on the reserve list of the referees on the present system and paid the present rates when used; that the league pay all referees and the club the linesmen; that each club in the league have a right to nominate the referee; that the referee's committee investigate the men nominated; that out of the men nominated the committee recommend the names of four men they consider most competent and available and geographically situated to be put on the payroll, and of the six additional men to be paced on the reserve list. The committee shall also recommend a list of twenty men to be placed on a linesmen's list; that further no objection by any club against any referee be considered, except that it is referred to and concurred in by the referee's committee; that the powers of the linesmen be specifically drawn up by the referee's committee and approved by the league.

The recommendation that the Hispano F. C. be admitted as a member of the league without territory and that the club be allowed to play in the territory of the Brooklyn Wanderers for a period of two years with the consent and under agreement with the Brooklyn club, who shall have the right to withdraw consent at the expiration of the agreement, was rejected. The reason assigned was no territory and length of the schedule.

The Abbott Worsted Co., withdrew its application for membership in the league.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club