The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Friday, June 15, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Up in Arms
Local soccer fans are freely discussing the action of the American Soccer League in sustaining the Boston protest and throwing Bethlehem out of the final for the loop championship an putting it mildly, the remarks heard are anything but complimentary to the league executives. They term the action as one of the rankest, most outrageous and unjust decisions ever handed down by a governing body. The arrogant manner in which the league moguls handled the protest can probably mean but one or two things: Bethlehem withdrawing from future affiliations with the American Soccer League or more stress put to the movement suggested off and on within recent years, to organize an outlaw circuit, eliminating some of the New England clubs and including among others the clubs located in the metropolitan district. If such a movement should materialize, the league executives would have themselves to blame.

Repudiate League Instructions
Without the least vestige of decency and sportsmanship the league went ahead and decided an issue without hearing a representative from the local club. Decided an issue apparently on the word of one club and by no means on the merits of the case. It is hard to conceive how a governing body could have the affront to repudiate its own instructions, which it did, after Bethlehem in a breach appealed to the league executives for advice. In the announcement made public, President Cunningham is shrewd enough to eliminate the permission given by the league, providing Boston approved, but does state that Smith, the Brooklyn goalie, was used with the "passive permission" of the Boston management.

Unheard of Before
For the first time in the history of soccer in America, a team defeated in an elimination series has been made eligible to compete for a championship by word of the president. That team is the Boston club, trounced soundly by Bethlehem and automatically, as the president puts it, is nevertheless eligible to meet New Bedford in the final game. The action is the most ridiculous ever heard of. In making the decision, it is understood, President Cunningham completely ignored the advice of his secretary, Dave Scott, who informed the chief executive that Bethlehem had simply followed league instructions.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club