Bethlehem Globe
Wednesday, June 17, 1925
Understood Most of the Team Will Contest Under Local Colors Next Year

Although no official announcement has yet been made by the management of the Bethlehem Steel team, it is gossiped among the players that with the exception of a very few all of the soccer exponents who sported the colors of the Steel Workers last season have again attached their signatures to a form for the coming season.

It is also said that there are one or two players who have not yet signed and that the delay has been occasioned by absence from the city or the failure of the management to get in touch with all the men up to this time. One of these players is Bob MacGregor, the brilliant halfback, who, although not signed, is practically agreed to the terms and is certain to be listed among the Steel Workers. MacGregor presently returned home after spending [...] at Niagara Falls.

It is also said that several players have been released, one of which gossiped [...] is John McCormick, the [...] goalie, who joined the club in midseason last year for tryout. The management apparently feels satisfied with Dave Carson and Bill Highfield under contract the citadel will be well taken care of.

Signing of players has been going on for some time and is not yet completed. However, players who are said to have returned to the fold are Dave and Jock Ferguson and Hugh Reid, fullbacks; Whitey MacDonald, Bill [...] Robertson and Huyland, halfbacks, Georgie Forrest, Sturdy Maxwell, Johnny Rollo, Johnny Granger, Archie Stark and Malcolm Goldie, forwards.

Whether any new player swill be included in the lineup next season is not known at this time, although it is known that applications have been received from quite a number of celebrities. However, no action is likely to be taken along this line until the management is satisfied on the present personnel and then if any departments need bolstering by reserves, it is likely that some new men will be added.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club