The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Friday, June 22, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

No Use of Sobbing
All that could and might be said in the Bethlehem-Boston soccer fiasco might as well be saved for words are simply wasted insofar as the league decision and the championship is concerned. The league representatives voted to uphold the decision of the president and that's that. Meaning, of course, that Bethlehem's out and Boston's in. Mike Kelly, who handles the business end of the team in and around New York, and a Mr. Pringle, the latter reputed as a scrapper when rights are concerned, represented the local club at Providence. They said plenty and the peculiar part of the entire proceeding was that the representatives and even league executives agreed with practically all that was said in behalf of the Bethlehem team and the right to enter the final but when it came to a showdown the vote cast favored upholding the decision. Sentiment was with Bethlehem insofar as the team received a raw deal but decidedly so in favor of the league when it came to throwing a vote.

Resignation If Overruled
IT comes pretty straight that the league was threatened with the loss of its president if the decision was overruled. Apparently the team representatives were all fed up with soccer when they went into the meeting and rather than have discord in the executive ranks were willing to conceded to almost any condition in bringing the season to a close. The round robin series for the league championship was one grand flop in our opinion. Not so much so because Bethlehem was ruled out on a forfeit when a replay would have been the proper procedure, but because of the manner in which the playoffs were arranged and conducted and the wholesale waiving of rules toward the finish. The season extended entirely too long, infringing deeply on baseball and as a result interest that might have been pronounced in such a title playoff was scarcely more than a ripple. If the season is again to be conducted in two halves, a wise arrangement would be a curtailed schedule so that the winners of the respective half schedules can wage their battles at a time when interest in the booting game is still rife.

The Mythical All-American
The Glasgow Rangers, of Scotland, complete their American tour on Ebbetts Field, Brooklyn, tomorrow afternoon in an enterprise promoted by Nat Agar, owner, manager and the whole works of the Brooklyn Wanderers. Nat was the American representative for the Rangers and in setting the stage for the final game is pitting against the tourists a team he would name as a mythical selection. All soccer fans will hardly agree in the choice but then after scanning the lineup he has used real good judgment. There are players that Nat probably would have liked to have had in his lineup but for some reason or other they did not rally to the cause. At that he has a representative team to oppose the Rangers but it's a question whether they will operating in a manner as smoothly and precisely as a team intact.

Bethlehem Represented
Bethlehem will be represented on the United States Soccer team of Agar's choice by Archie Stark, brilliant center forward. Stark will play the pivot position, according to advance notices, and will have Davy Brown, an old and intimate pall, as one of his co-workers on the forward line. Stark is going into the game at his best for the form he displayed in the playoff games was characteristic of the Stark of old. In addition to Archie there will be a few other sharp-shooters on the forward line.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club