The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Friday, June 24, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Soccer Gossip Across the Pond
The Sunday Post, of Glasgow, Scotland, in an issue of recent date, refers to the activities of American soccer clubs signing talent for next season, in which Matthew McMeekin, a fullback, is reported as already signed by Bethlehem. This is true, although the local management, after what seemed to be successful negotiation, is still awaiting the signed contract and the appearance of the player. Of the backs playing with the team last season, the only two retained were Billy Allen and Jim Barrie, and at the time when release were issued it was made known that an emergency back would be secured. In McMeekin the club secures a player who in Scotland is touted as a first class man, young and strong and able to play either the right or left position.

Played With Second Division Club
The fact that McMeekin played with a second division club is no reflection on his ability. In fact, Greenock Morton, a first division team, was said to be hot on his trail and the latter club is one that produced such stars as Dave Edwards, Robert MacGregor and Billy Allen, a trio of Bethlehem standbys. It is also intimated that Bethlehem is angling for George Henderson, a Scottish forward, but nothing definite in this respect has been done. With Forrest, McConnell, Granger, Rollo, Goldie, Jaap, Gillespie and Stark, Bethlehem is pretty well fortified with front liners. In fact, it is going to be quite a task in assigning the forwards for the first call jobs and positions.

No Playing During the Summer
In spite of reports that Bethlehem players will contribute their services with picked teams at various intervals during the summer, the players have broken training and will rest up until the start of the league campaign in fall. The management contends that it is not fair to the players and club to keep them in training the year round. There are such clubs, Brooklyn, for instance, on which the grueling grind will undoubtedly leave its effect and will be noticeable when Nat Agar fields his outfit to start the league campaign. TO Agar soccer is purely a commercial proposition and the Brooklyn manager is plugging away in games that will keep his team active practically throughout the entire summer. Bethlehem players are invited to appear with a picked team to represent Philadelphia against the Macabees, a touring eleven, in the Philadelphia Sesqui-Centennial Stadium on July 4th. The invitation has been refused.

What About the Hakoahs?
Although the Hakoahs have completed their original schedule, the star Jewish eleven from Vienna is still barnstorming and will continue until July 4. It is understood that before they sail for home they will meet Brooklyn in two games, one in New York City and the other in Brooklyn. At present, the team is engaged in a Canadian tour. Two games were played in Montreal, the Hakoahs winning one and losing the other. Games in Winnipeg and Calgary will conclude that end of the tour, after which the club will return to the states. It is whispered that the tour this year has not been the financial success anticipated and for that reason their stay has been extended. Soccer fans are all fed up on touring elevens this year and the novelty of seeing these teams in action is wearing off.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club