Bethlehem Globe
Friday, June 26, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Off For Canada
Taking down their togs to don them for the last time this season, Archie Stark and Jock Ferguson, two Bethlehem Steel celebrities left this morning for Montreal, Canada, where tomorrow afternoon they will toss their lot with the aggregation of the American soccer players in the first international game against the pick of the Dominion. In selecting these two players the committee surely made no mistake and the All-American aggregation will rely on the trusty toe of Stark to bring home the bacon. While the team will be a truly All-American aggregation it will hardly be representative of the best talent in the American Soccer League. This goes with the exception of Stark, who as leading scorer of the American Soccer League for two seasons, stands out as the premier center forward in the business. Also for the veteran Jock Ferguson, who in spite of battling Father Time insofar as active soccer participation is concerned, is recognized throughout the league circuit as a peer of all backs.

Eligibility at State
In the selection of the All-American team for the international clash the committee of the National Association making the choice were confronted with a stringent eligibility clause. Every player had to be a citizen of this country to be eligible and after the rank and file was considered a quota of players remaining as available was materially diminished. There are plenty of players in the American Soccer League who have already taken steps towards the naturalization end but as yet have not been residents of this country for the length of time required. If every player who sported a uniform of the American Soccer League last season was eligible for selection, the aggregation of stars that would be available could probably spot the Canadians several goals and then return the victors. At that the National Association has succeeded in banding together a fairly strong team.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club