Bethlehem Globe
Tuesday, July 1, 1924
American Association Holds Meeting in New York and Plans for Next Year

Soccer activities will start a good bit earlier next season than has been the custom in the past. This becomes apparent by the action taken at a recent meeting held in New York City when four additional clubs were added to the roster of the American Soccer League. These four were selected from a raft of applications and admitted to membership after careful consideration on the part of the league executives.

By increasing the league from an eight to twelve club circuit the schedule will be more extensive and varied and practically means that if the teams compete in the National and American cup championships they will be eliminated from the early rounds of the competition. There is also a possibility that the league may be operated on the same basis as the big leagues in baseball which would mean a series of games at the close of the regular season between the winner of the St. Louis League and the American League for the National title.

At the meeting this matter was not touched upon but it is believed that informally it has been rather thoroughly discussed among the league members. The American Soccer League will start its fourth season this year.

The annual meeting was held at the Hotel Walcott when Fred J. Smith, of Brooklyn, was re-elected league president and R. S. Cummings, of Pawtucket, R. I., reelected treasurer. Former National Secretary Thomas W. Cahill, who founded the league was made Secretary; Michael F. Kelly of the Bethlehem steel Company, former secretary, was elected Vice President and James Armstrong of Brooklyn Recording Secretary.

Vice President Kelly announced that efforts would be made to enlist the aid of soccer organizations in Canada and t he Middle West in arranging an American tour for the Uruguay team, Olympic champions.

The American League next season will have two clubs in Brooklyn, namely, the Brooklyn Wanderers and Indiana Flooring, the latter a new member; two in Manhattan, New York S. C., and National Giants; Bethlehem Steel F. C., Philadelphia F. C., Newark F. C., J & P Coats of Pawtucket, Fall River F. C., national champions, and new clubs in Boston, New Bedford and Providence, R. I.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club