Bethlehem Globe
Wednesday, July 9, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Soccer Stars Possess Musical Talent
Aside from entertaining on the soccer field, there are quite a few members of the Bethlehem Steel soccer team who can boast of being musical geniuses. This is not generally known but a visit most any Tuesday evening, the regular rehearsal night, to the vicinity of Bill Highfield's home will convince the skeptical. Bill, who plays goal for the Bethlehem team, is quite a manipulator of the ivories and can rock the old piano with the old time melodies and modern jazz. In entertaining, Bill has command of a repertoire that he goes through and can provide several hours' entertainment without a hitch. Walter (Waddie) Jackson, center forward of the steel working soccer clan, is also quite a mean manipulator of an instrument and with his accordion could make things lively at a funeral. Bill and Waddie double in their act and are quite as proficient at putting it across as they are in displaying their skill on the soccer field.

Goldie a Tenor and Bill a Baritone
The quite, docile Goldie, outside left and the speed merchant of the Steel Workers' forward line, is quite a singer if he can be sufficiently aroused to join in the festivities of his teammates. On trips coming and going Goldie usually huddles in one corner of the traveling conveyance while his teammates make merry in another section. Occasionally he can be lured into the festivities and when he is, contributes excellently to the harmony with a rich tenor voice. Bill Carnihan, captain of the squad, chips in with a strong baritone and Bill, too, can sing. As a specialty Bill can put across a whistling act that would make some of the bit time Keith or Lowe stars look like "bushers." Some day someone will corral the gang, pick out the musical talent, of which there is plenty in addition to that mentioned, and stage a benefit for equipment for the has beens of the inter-departmental league which promises to but forth on the local lot next season.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club