Bethlehem Globe
Wednesday, July 22, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

A Popular Mythical Selection
Since mythical selections have become popular in all branches of sport, Bill Highfield, the tall slim custodian on the Bethlehem Steel soccer team, hands one in on soccer that could hardly help but get the palm, particularly of the anti-pros interested in the booting game. In submitting his selection, Bill scribbles these pity lines:

While the chatter on All-American soccer teams is in the air, it would not be amiss to chose a team that would not only be popular in America, but all over the world in these droughty times. The selection follows:
Goal -- Johnny Walker
Backs -- Haig & Haig
Halfbacks -- The Three Star Hennessey
Forwards -- Schlitz, Piel, Johnny Dewar, Pabst and Bud Weiser.
Ownership -- Canadian Club
Colors -- Black and White.

Says Bill: "If that team would not have oodles of support and pack them in to the rafters then the country deserves to be dry."

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club