The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, July 28, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Fletcher in Role of Manager
When big league soccer breaks forth in all its fury early in September, Sam Fletcher, popular Bethlehem resident and one time star of the championship Bethlehem Steel teams, will be seen in a new role. From authoritative sources comes the information that Sam has closed all negotiations to manage the Providence club in the American Soccer League and is already on the scene assembling his dribbling forces. Fletcher, with the possible exception of Jock Ferguson, has been foremost in local and in fact national soccer activities over a longer period of years than any other player who today is seeing active service. Sam started his American career with the championship Bethlehem Steel teams and was active in the local lineup until several years ago when he severed relations. However, Sam maintained his residence in this city and snatched every minute of his spare time to g et out and practice with the Bethlehem aggregation. Last season Fletcher was identified with the Newark F. C., and captained the squad. Fletcher, with Jock Ferguson, the latter still with the Bethlehem team, is one of the few original Steel Workers who are still fit for the grueling pace of the soccer game.

Providence a New Member of Circuit
The Providence, R. I., club is one of the new members admitted to the American Soccer League for campaigning next season and the success of the former Bethlehem player will be watched with keen interest. The new manager is taking hold of a club in a section of the country that is a hot bed for soccer and where the attendance total thousands instead of hundreds which has been the case in Bethlehem for the past several seasons. That he is qualified for the job is apparent by the excellent record maintained by the Bethlehem team during the years when winning cup competition was more or less of a habit instead of a battle. It is understood that Fletcher will be accompanied in his new venture by Fred Pepper, another veteran, who will probably assist in developing the new team. It is also quite likely that Fletcher will don a uniform and put in active playing service with his club. With local fans Fletcher was always popular and his many Bethlehem friends wish him success in his new field.

Training at Saylor's Lake
Bethlehem Steel soccer players have selected an ideal place to keep in condition until the opening of the soccer season. Up at Saylor's Lake on a plot of ground known as the Weingartner colony the players have established themselves a camp where they go through all the rudiments of roughing it. There are no modern conveniences as such found in the nearby cottages all of which tends to keep the campers active from sunrise to sunset. The players spell of in squads of four, each gang remaining for one week. At the lake they have swimming, boating, fishing, wood chopping and other odd chores at their disposal and of this daily routine program swimming is probably the most favorite. There is scarcely a minute during the day that one or more members of the camping party are not enjoying the refreshing waters of the lake, all striving for endurance honors. Last week the party comprised Jock Ferguson, Carson and Sturdy Maxwell. The week previous it was the Jacksons, Alex and Walter, Bill Carnihan, captain and center halfback of the Bethlehem team, and Billy Sheridan, who ran up to the lake for the weekend. Carnihan proved as excellent a swimmer as he is a soccer player and negotiated the lake with apparent ease, emerging from the water without any sign whatever of exhaustion. When the players return they will look fort as a fiddle and ready to take down their soccer outfits for a hard game.

Davy Ferguson Back in Scotland
Gloom was cast in the Saylor's Lake camp two weeks ago when Davy Ferguson, one of the members of the camping party, was notified of a cable informing him of serious illness in his family in Scotland. There were no details but the cable itself was sufficient for Davy to break camp on Wednesday and by Saturday he had attended to all preliminary details prior to sailing and was headed for Scotland. Before leaving the brother of the veteran Jock, who plays a similar position on the team as his brother, expressed the hope that he could return almost immediately to be on hand for the opening practice sessions of the team. The practice will probably start early next month for it is understood that several big pre-season exhibition games are likely to be played before the opening of the regular season.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club