Bethlehem Globe
Tuesday, July 28, 1925
Former Fleisher Yarn Player Will Come Here to Play on Forward Line

The signing of Jim Purvis as a forward for the Bethlehem Steel soccer team was announced this morning by the management of the club. Purvis is expected to report immediately and will establish his residence in this city.

The forward who next season will sport the colors of the Steel Workers is no newcomer to American Soccer League ranks, having been a member of the Fleisher Yarn team for three years. As a front liner he is quite versatile, being able to play either of the inside positions and is also quite adept as a center forward. In the latter role he is an excellent acquisition as a reserve for an emergency in the e vent of injury or illness to Archie Stark, premier league center.

The signing of Purvis comes as a surprise to local fans for it was understood that the management was satisfied to stand pat on its lineup of last season. However, to those more closely associated with the club it was known that the team was in the market for another forward and had lines out for Purvis as well as several other prospects. His transfer to the Bethlehem club comes in accordance with the rules of the American Soccer League and was made to the satisfaction of the Fleisher management.

Purvis is a strapping big fellow, well put together and strong. He is fast and possesses a wicked toe. He learned his soccer in Scotland where he played with several junior teams and was also given a tryout with several big clubs. Coming to America he located in Philadelphia and all his playing in this country was confined to that club. He is hardly more than twenty-one years of age and is unusually fast.

His goal scoring record with the Fleisher club, the latter one of the second division teams in the league race last season, is one that augers well when with the Steel Workers. On the forward line of the Bethlehemites Purvis will be backed up by a team which will give him opportunities to his rating as a front liner. In thirty-one games played with Fleisher last year, Purvis scored 19 goals. There is little doubt but that he will make a permanent berth on the front line of the Bethlehem club next season.

With the signing of Purvis the management now have a raft of forwards under its wing. Whether any of the present players will be released or transferred is not known but if all are retained every position will be fortified with capable reserves.

Bob Terris, who recently returned from a visit to his home in Scotland is expected to break into the lineup again next season. Bob is a halfback and a forward. All of last season he was handicapped with an injured knee for which he underwent treatment when abroad and returned fully recovered. With the players now available the coming spring training promises to be spirited in trying out for the respective positions on the team.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club