The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, July 30, 1926
Fans of City and L. V. To be Recruited in Aid of Champions.

Probably a bit skeptical at first, soccer fans who enlisted their cooperation with Fred Pepper for the organization of a "supporters club" the prime object of which is to increase the attendance at the home games of the Bethlehem Steel F. C. and to further the development of the sport in this city, are now highly enthusiastic, encouraged by the excellent response from fans. The originator of the idea and his cohorts are now certain that the plans will materialize even better than at first anticipated.

This became apparent when the program committee met on Thursday evening to outline more concretely the pans for the organization of the club. Sentiment was expressed strongly in favor of the project and when the workers get working in subscribing members, it is believe that the membership will increase by leaps and bounds.

To Enlist L. V. Fans

While Bethlehem is a hot bed for soccer in the Lehigh Valley, both Easton and Allentown fans will join in the movement. To the soccerites in the neighboring city, the Beths are their home major league club and support from both these places is assured.

Little time can be wasted for scarcely more than a month intervenes before the lid is popped off the soccer season. However, with formal organization effected, work can be immediately started in enrolling the members.

The committee on Thursday night decided to hold the organization meeting on next Monday night at 7:45 o'clock. Through the courtesy of the Yo Eddies, the committee has succeeded in securing their rooms at Broad and Main Streets, a central point at which all soccer fans and others are urged to be present.

To Elect Officer

At this meeting the officers will be elected, a list of which names are in the hands of the committee. The constitution and rules for the organization will be adopted. When this is done, the organization will immediately start operation.

The attitude of the management in the organization of the club is one that should be appreciated by all sportsmen in Bethlehem. It has been pointed out that in appreciation of what the fans are desirous of doing, a liberal percentage of the net receipts will revert to whatever charitable purpose the organization might deem fit to contribute to. When it is realized all the home league games, together with what games might come to Bethlehem in the cup draws, it is certain that a neat sum could be set aside for charitable purposes each year. This sum is dependent entirely on the support given the club when it launches its 1926-27 season.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club