The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, August 8, 1923
Young Man Fresh From Scottish League Arrives Here From Old Country

by Fred Nonnemacher
That new and young blood is the aim of the management of the Bethlehem F. C. in building up the soccer prospects for the coming season of campaigning in the American League, the National and American cup competitions, again became very apparent when this morning it was learned that David Carson, aged 24 years, fresh from a most brilliant career in the second division of the Scottish League attached his signature to a form to play with the Bethlehem F. C.

Arriving in this country unsolicited the Philadelphia moguls passed up what promises to be one of the best finds of the season when Carson arrived in that city and spent several days there before migrating to Bethlehem. Of course, it was the name of Bethlehem, well and favorably known abroad, that was uppermost in his mind and his original intention. But then one cannot tell what might happen if fellow countrymen identified with the Philadelphia clan had grabbed him first and made an attractive luring offer. As it is Carson is slated for one season at least in Bethlehem if he intends to play organized soccer in this country.

With the acquisition of Carson, the club now has two of the foremost celebrities who campaigned in Scottish soccer last season. The other one is Arthur Robinson, who came across with his parents to locate in Newark, N. J. and several weeks ago signed his name to a Bethlehem form. Robertson is a halfback and an inside forward. He played in the first division, Scottish League.

The most recent of the newcomers is heralded as one of the most promising guardians of the citadel that ever stepped foot on American soil. He will replace Findlay Kerr, the elongated youngster who covered this position during part of the season last year. Kerr has been granted his release and together with Duggie Campbell will probably be seen in the harness with the Fall River club.

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