The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, August 9, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Headed For Bonny Scotland
Yearning for familiar scenes in their native heath, Walter and Alec Jackson, premier forwards in American soccer, suddenly made up their mind to visit their home and today sailed on the Steamship Columbia for Scotland. T he intention of the players known among their most intimate friends and then distributed to other sources not familiarly associated with the brothers, led to rumors that the pair of brilliant forwards were quitting the Bethlehem team for good and all and would accept attractive offers received from European clubs. If such is their intention, it will be a complete disappointment to the local management for assurances were given before leaving that their trip was nothing more than a visit to their native heath. Should the Jackson brothers decide otherwise the Bethlehem forward line would b e left in bad straits. Signing players for big league soccer these days is not as readily done as in the years before the sport developed to the popularity of last season and even more so forecast for the coming campaign of the American Soccer League.

Homesick and Disappointed
Several times during the summer Walter Jackson, the senior brother of the pair, confided that he had expected some visits here from friends abroad during the summer and that a change of plans of the parties was a keen disappointment. From time to time he expressed a desire to return home on a visit, contending that if he did so the visit would be a cure for his homesickness and improve his game during the coming season. Some of his more intimate friends hint that Walter's fiancee was to be included in the party to visit America and even go as far as to intimate that it might be Mr. and Mrs. Jackson when he returns to America. If that is his intention the popular Bethlehem center forward has the best wishes of his host of admiring fans and friends.

Two Cup Competitions The Coming Season
In addition to the National Challenge Cup competition the United States Football Association will conduct for the first time a National Amateur Cup Competition which should meet with the unanimous approval of the adherents of the simon pure. Local fans will be most interested in the national Challenge Cup Competition because the Bethlehem Steel team will be engaged in this affair. Unless, of course, a bona fide amateur club is organized to represent Bethlehem and is entered in the other competition. Nothing has been heard along this line as yet with the flock of available amateur players in Bethlehem and the possibility of augmenting with talent secured in the Lehigh Valley it is sincerely believed that a representative team could be organized. Such a procedure would be a material stimulus to the interest in the sport in this vicinity. The National Cup competition is the only competition outside of the American Soccer League race in which the Steel Workers will be entered.

Confirms Exemption of the Stronger Club
A month ago the moguls of the United States Football Association approved the conditions under which the American League clubs would enter the National Cup competition, which, by the way, is open to professional, semi-professional and amateur teams. The conditions were that the strong clubs be eliminated from the early rounds. Confirmation of granting this request is embodied in a news letter emanating from the National headquarters which states authorization to exempt certain of the stronger clubs from the early rounds, upon application by the clubs. This will mean that approximately fourteen clubs in the east and a like number in the west will be selected and named for exemption from the early rounds. The effect of this ruling will be to equalize the playing all through the competition.

League Clubs and Fans Will Profit
The exemption of the stronger clubs is of more than passing significance insofar as the American Soccer League clubs and followers of the circuit are concerned. It means that many of the early playing dates usually favored with the best weather conditions will not be marred by a game in which a far inferior club is drawn as an opponent. It will mean that the American League can dispose of their games with greater dispatch and the leading teams of the circuit will play here and in fact in every other league town during the early season when the weather is at least far more favorable for the fans. By the time the clubs exempt are drawn for the closing rounds a good many of the League games will be disposed of. Heretofore, cup games had preference and when a National Cup tilt was ordered it meant but one game over the weekend. In the American League competition the schedule can now safely be drawn up for at least half the season with, if desired, two games to be played over each weekend.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club