Bethlehem Globe
Monday, August 10, 1925
Schedule Adopted at Meeting of Association Held at New York Saturday

Jimmy Easton, manager of the Bethlehem Steel soccer club, represented his club at the general meeting of the American Soccer League, which was held at the Hotel Astor in New York City on Sunday. The meeting was divided into morning and afternoon sessions, the former devoted to business matters and the latter to the drawing up of the schedule for the various clubs. For the months of September and October the Bethlehem club will play the following clubs:

Sept. 12 -- Indiana, home
Sept. 13 -- Newark, away
Sept. 19 -- Boston, home
Sept. 26 -- New York Giants, home
Sept. 27 -- New York Giants, away
Oct. 3 -- J & P Coats, away
Oct. 4 -- Brooklyn, away
Oct. 10 -- Providence, home
Oct. 17 -- Brooklyn, home
Oct. 24 -- Shawsheen, away
Oct. 25 -- Fall River, away
Oct. 31 -- Philadelphia, away

During the morning session, the position of the league in regard to entering the National Cup competition, staged by the United States Football Association, was discussed. The National Association demanded a guarantee of 15 percent of the net receipts. In order that a decision may be reached in time to register in September, a committee of three was appointed to arrange the matter and report at the next meeting of the league. The committee was comprised of Fred Smith, president of the league, from the New York club; T. Bagnall, Fall River, and N. Agar, of Brooklyn. A favorable report is expected in which case the various clubs in the league will enter and compete for the cup. They will be exempt from participating until January.

The resignation of the Fleisher Yarn club from the league was accepted as that club has disbanded. The league now numbers twelve clubs. With the exception of Shawsheen, every club was represented as follows:

Fall River, T. Bagnall; Providence, F. Pyron; J & P Coats, A. Pringle; New Bedford, H. Pamfert; Brooklyn, N. Agar; Newark, T. Adams; Philadelphia, H. Brooks; New York Giants, M Vanderwegh; Indiana, E. Viberg; Boston, J. Woods, and Bethlehem, J. Easton.

The officers of the league are: F. Smith, Brooklyn, president; J. Brown, Newark, vice president; Cummings, J & P Coats, treasurer; T. W. Cahill, New York, secretary.

The entire schedule for the twelve clubs for the months of September and October follows:

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