The Globe Bethlehem
Monday, August 11, 1924
American League Passes Out a Jolt When it Withdraws From National Cup

That a war is on between the United States Football Association and the American Soccer League which probably will terminate with the survival of the fittest and not a compromise is revealed by the activities taken at a recent meeting of the American Soccer League.

According to representatives who attended that meeting one of the most severe blows possible to the success of the National Challenge Cup competition of the U. S. F. A. was handed out by the vote of the American Soccer League to withdraw from the competition. In that event the competition next season will be minus the entries of the strongest clubs in the East, which now comprise the twelve entered in the American Soccer League.

That relations were strained between these two big soccer bodies was apparent several months ago and emphatically so before the annual meeting of the U. S. F. A. held in Detroit recently delegates went there and specified certain conditions under which they could continue in the competition.

In addition to the American Soccer League withdrawal, it is also stated that the St. Louis Soccer League, comprising four of the strongest clubs in the Western part of the country, has also withdrawn.

IT would seem that ex-Secretary Tom Cahill has achieved his purpose, that of breaking the organization that was formed and built by him. It would not be surprising if Cahill directed his efforts toward the formation of an entirely new body in the way of a new cup competition. It was through his efforts that the National Challenge Cup competition and the U. S. F. A. were formed.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club