The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, August 11, 1924
Center Forward On Steel Soccer Eleven Now On Way to Scotland

That Johnny Grainger, a star forward with the Bethlehem Steel soccer team, will aspire to the center forward position in place of Walter Jackson, who is at present on the seas accompanied by his brother Alec en route to their home in Scotland, becomes apparent with information received from one of the club officials that for "various reasons" it is doubtful if Walter Jackson will return. However, there is every reason to believe that after a brief visit, Alec will be back in time to start the American League campaigning with the Steel Workers.

Walter and Alec sailed last week on the steamship Columbia and at the time it was presumed that the only reason for taking the voyage at this time was to visit their families and friends in Scotland. However, since then rumors have been rife that Walter intends to remain at home and has received luring offers to play with some of the leading European clubs.

Alec, too, would probably be a most welcome acquisition, but it is believed that with the host of friends he has made in Bethlehem he will spurn all offers and return again with the Bethlehem team. The younger brother, as well as the older brother, is a popular favorite among his teammates and also with the fans who attend the Bethlehem games.

At times the playing of Walter has been described by some critics as indifferent but his friends maintain that he was always sincere in his efforts and any weakness that might have been noticed in his playing was probably due to his frame of mind in longing to be back in Scotland. Shortly before the Eastern final in the National Cup competition the Bethlehem center forward received an attractive offer to return home and had practically made up his mind to accept when prevailed upon to remain by friends.

In Johnny Grainger the club can boast of one of the cleverest forwards in the country and a most capable successor in the event that Walter Jackson does not return. Due to his intense playing Grainger was injured frequently off and on during the season which deprived him from playing regularly. However, in the games he did play he displayed probably some of the cleverest footwork witnessed on the soccer field.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club