The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, August 12, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Must Stand on Their Own Legs
According to some soccer critics, the recent ruling of the American Soccer League not to pool the gate receipts is going to work a hardship on the clubs that cannot play Sunday soccer. The ruling means that the home club will pocket the entire g ate receipts, less, of course, the guarantee for the visiting club. Heretofore, it was a guarantee with a certain privilege of the net gate. We do not know what arrangement Bethlehem Steel has with the other clubs, but certainly the Steel Workers, the best drawing card on the circuit, are not going to be caught napping, insofar as the financial end is concerned. At that, Bethlehem now has its booster club and we look for a great increase in the attendance at home games. Clubs such as the New England aggregations and the New York outfits who can promote Sunday soccer are going to benefit by the rule. Philadelphia and Bethlehem are the only two clubs in the circuit where Sunday soccer is not permissible.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club