The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, August 13, 1923
Walter Jackson, Ranking British Performer, Signs Up With Steel Team

The highest ranking player to step out of British football and migrate to American in a long time, is the recommendation that comes with Walter Jackson, a 25-year-old celebrity, who was signed to play with the Bethlehem F. C. the coming season. It might not be amiss to state that since it was learned that Jackson was in this country, practically every club of prominence in America was in search to locate him.

Jackson came to this country several weeks ago, not to locate permanently, but rather to visit relatives in Detroit. British papers commented on his playing and also that he was headed for America to visit with the result that all soccer magnates sat up and took notice. The Bethlehem management located Jackson in Detroit and inviting him on the celebrity of Scottish soccer arrived in Bethlehem yesterday morning and this morning affixed his signature to a form to play with Bethlehem. In securing Jackson, the Bethlehem club has, without question of doubt, the greatest soccer player that ever stepped out of the ranks of British football.

With the leaving to Dan McNiven, the Steel Workers' center last season, the new acquisition fits in nicely. He played center forward with the Kilmarnock Club, the first league club in Scotland, and enjoys the unique distinction of scoring more goals than half the number of goals counted by his teammates. His greatest distinction, however, was in scoring three goals in one game against the world famous club, the Celtics of Glasgow.

The newcomer is 5 feet, 8 inches in height and weighs 154 pounds. He is reputed to be exceptionally clever on the ball, a good shot with either foot and distributes the play well and balances the forward line. Jackson is in Bethlehem and will report with the club for the initial practice, which will be held in early September.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club