The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, August 17, 1926
Steel Club Management to Stage Game Sept. 6 -- Proceeds For New Tank

The Soccer Booster Club launched its first venture, and as a result a new swimming pool for Bethlehem will probably soon be a realization.

The club has about completed arrangements with the management of the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club to stage an exhibition game on Labor Day, September 6, the entire proceeds to go toward the building of a new swimming pool on the North Side. And with a few "summerless summers" such as the one in which our citizens are at present sweltering, it would seem that the Booster Club has chosen a very suitable target for its ammunition. In this the future Ederies and Weismullers will no doubt agree.

2 Good Teams to Play

The Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club management readily acceded to the Boosters' plan, and assured them that it would field two very strong teams, so that the fans could expect a real battle. A committee has already been formed from the Booster Club to proceed with arrangements for the exhibition, which will take place on Lehigh Field, Elizabeth Avenue, on the date mentioned.

If this newly-formed organization is to have its way, the coming season is to be a great one for the boys of the city. In fact, over half of the meeting last night was devoted to discussion of ways and means of making it a banner year for the boys. The announcement of the program for the young enthusiasts will be made in due time, and it is promised that they will have something to look forward to.

To Place New Seats

A representative of the team announced that additional seating accommodation would be placed at the field for the comfort of the spectators who preferred to view the games from other angles than t hose from which they have been forced to look on heretofore if they desired seats. This will be a welcome announcement to the fans, who in previous seasons stamped their feet on the duckboards along the south side of the playing patch.

As the season approaches, other plans will be molded into definite shape. The next meeting will be held on Monday evening, August 23, at the Yo Eddie Hall, Broad and Main Streets, commencing at 7:45 sharp.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club