Bethlehem Globe
Tuesday, August 18, 1925
Unless More Men are Signed Few New Faces Will be Seen

Soccer activities for the 1925-26 season will be inaugurated the latter part of this week in Bethlehem when the Steel Workers, runners up for the American Soccer League honors last years, will start training.

The present squad under contract will reveal few new faces in the lineup, the management contending that the stars of last year's team will be sufficient to cope with the strong opposition to be encountered in the American Soccer League.

Among the newcomers is Purvis, a forward with the Fleisher Yarn eleven, of Philadelphia, last season. Satisfactory negotiations for his transfer to the Bethlehem club were carried on and the acquisition of this Fleisher star approved at the recent meeting of the league moguls.

Purvis is one of the most versatile players in the game, begin able to play most of the front line positions and also a good man for the defense. With a tail end club last year he attracted quite some attention with his scoring prowess.

Archie Stark, leading scorer in the American Soccer League for two seasons and who last year established a new record for high individual scoring, will again be the main cog around which the team will be developed. With Purvis at an inside berth the scoring ability of the Bethlehem front line should be materially increased. It will mean more leeway for Stark who was carefully covered in all games last season and given special attention by the backs on the opposing teams. Goldie, Maxwell, Forrest, Granger and Terris are other forwards with the club who will compete for a permanent position on the front line.

The halfback and back positions are equally well fortified with reserve talent and the competition for a permanent berth in this department promises to be equally as spirited. Among the top notchers for these positions will be Whitey McDonald, Bill Carnihan Bob MacGregor, the Fergusons, Dave and Jock. Custodians at the net will be Dave Carson and Bill Highfield.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club