The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Friday, August 19, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Findlay Kerr Passes On to Another

If asked who has the best soccer goalie in the country two years ago, the practically unanimous answer would have been Findlay Kerr, Fall River custodian. And many contend that Findlay still ranks with the best. Sam Marks, manager of the Fall River team, is apparently of a different opinion, for Marks has let Kerr go in favor of Blair, who acted between the uprights for the majority of the games last year, and with the latter has a new importation in the youngster by the name of Harper, who is said to have performed sensationally in big league soccer across the pond. Kerr goes to J & P Coats in part payment for Ned Tate, who was transferred to the Marksmen last week, and while to the majority of fans this action is quite surprising, it was not entirely unexpected by many in the know. In fact, there was some talk of differences between player and management last year, when it was whispered that the Bethlehem management was negotiating for the transfer of Kerr to succeed or alternate with Dave Carson, who has since been succeeded by Dave Edwards.

Played First With Bethlehem
Findlay Kerr played big league soccer for the first time in this country as a member oft he crack Bethlehem team a few years back. He is one of the veterans of the game in this country. He left the Bethlehem club along with Harold Brittan, Alec Lorimer and other local players when Marks in his second year as manager and owner of the Fall River team practically wrecked the old Bethlehem machine with his wholesale raid on Bethlehem talent. Blair was Marks' ace in the hole and played sensationally for the Marksmen. Whatever happened, if anything, really did between player and manager, it was quite surprising when the elongated Kerr was benched in favor of Blair and playing only occasionally his game suffered as a result. Playing regularly with Coats, Kerr should recover his old time ability and regain his place among the league's leading goalies.

Revamped Providence Club
Sam Fletcher, one of the old Bethlehem guards, who off and on played with Providence last year but devoted most of his attention in handling the managerial reins of the Rhode Island dribblers, is very much in the soccer picture this year. Fletcher always had a good club but not quite good enough to cop any of the major soccer honors but is stepping out this year in hopes of realizing such an ambition. The former Bethlehem fullback is liberally supported by his backers and with such encouragement will present practically an entirely revamped team for the 1927-28 season. Heretofore, Fletcher confined most of his scouting for talent to this country and Canada. This year, however, he has gone abroad and soccer gossip emanating from the camp of the Fletcher clan announces that he has secured four players who are heralded to rank among the greatest ever to trod an American playing pitch. Fletcher newcomers include William Stevenson, a goalie; William Agnew, an inside right; Bob Finlayson, an inside or center forward, and Fleming Faulker, a halfback.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club