The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, August 22, 1927
Soccer Clubs Battle to 2-point Deadlock in Montreal Sunday

The Bethlehem Steel F. C. concluded their two game tour of Canada by tying with the United Ulster of Montreal on the latter's field on Saturday afternoon. Each team scored two goals. For the opening games Bethlehem fared very well defeating an All-Star team at Hamilton the day previous.

The Steel Workers were leading their Montreal rivals by two goals up to the last twenty minutes of play but were unable to hold this margin, the game ending with four goals for each team. Due to injuries and the limited number of players on the trip the Steel Workers opposed the United Ulster outfit with a rearranged lineup, bring forced to play Johnny Rollo, a forward on the halfback line.

Midfield exchanges characterized the opening day and then for several minutes Ulster were kept just inside their own line, but never really in danger until Grainger and Goldie broke through, and the former shot wide. Bethlehem returned and Jaap gave the visitors the lead, the ball caroming off Fraser's fingers on to the post and rolling over the line. Ulster went down from the center, but Robertson and Allan cleared and Bethlehem were again on the attack.

Ciulow stopped a hot Goldie shot at the expense of a corner, but the winger sent the ball out from the play. Ulster forwards had considerable difficulty in circumventing the Bethlehem halves, but they broke through after a time, and Galloway had a meritorious try. Ulster were again forced well back on their lines, but their only reward at this stages was another corner. Although Fraser more than once had cause to worry. A foul against Rollo gave Ulster good headway, but Barrie clear-

Cowan again broke away on the right, but went down near goal. Ciulow caught on, and Geudert saved. Two minutes later, following a free kick, Ulster forwards again traveled south en masse, and Graham took advantage of a melee in goal to put Ulster on level terms once more.

Two minutes later, Merr and Graham found another opening. The winger carried the ball through and slipped in Graham, who easily beat Geudert. Ulster 2, Bethlehem 1. McConnell furnished nice combination by Jaap and Stark by heading to Fraser, a close call. Bethlehem took up the leading and pressed hard, and, more by luck than good guidance, Ulster's goal survived one incident. Eadie, a Bethlehem player last year, thought a low shot was going yards wide, but the ball came in at the foot of the post and Fraser tipped it out of danger for a corner. He fisted clear from the corner and Cowan, getting off, tested Geudert from long range. The same player gave the visiting goalie a warm shot to hold a minute later, and Graham followed up with a wicked shot that was only inches wide.

A great shot by Robertson, the best of the game so far, deserved a better fate than to corner off Eadie's hand to safety. At the other end Graham gave Cowan an opening and the winger's last drive was blocked by Allan at the expense of a corner. Just on the interval McConnell tied the score with a lovely shot.

Half time -- Ulster 2, Bethlehem 2

The ball from the free kick came over to Jaap, who found the only opening in an otherwise packed goal. Ulster went down from the center. Watt forced Geudert to handle, and a minute later Grant shot over four yards from an open goal, when it seemed impossible not to score. Ulster kept up the attack and spoiled two corner kicks in quick succession. Rollo's head and Geudert's fists kept the ball from a third corner. A sudden breakaway by Bethlehem ended when Granger turned the ball past the post.

From another breakaway McConnell put Bethlehem two goals up. Ulster gradually forced their way upon the visiting defense, and Geudert was lucky to intercept a hard drive by Moir, the ball going for a corner. Seconds later the goalkeeper beat down a fast shot by Graham. Rollo and Moir collided head on and both had to be patched up.

From a penalty kick against Barrie who fouled Graham in front of goal, Graham reduced Ulster's leeway. A [...] in by Moir led to the goal.

Bethlehem -- United Ulster
Geudert -- G -- Fraser
Barrie -- RFB -- Eadie
Allen -- LFB -- Rankin
Rollo -- RHB -- Ciulow
MacGregor -- CHB -- Williams
Robertson -- LHB -- Watt
Jaap -- OR -- Cowan
Stark -- IR -- Galloway
McConnell -- CF -- Graham
Granger -- IL -- Grant
Goldie -- OL -- Moir

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club