The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, August 23, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Will Harold Brittan Come Back?
The release of Harold Brittan, center forward, on the Fall River soccer team, came as a big surprise to soccer fans throughout the American Soccer League circuit. Did he deteriorate in his game to such an extent that he is through with soccer? That is the question soccer fans are asking and one that will be probably answered the coming season. The belief is general that Brittan has been easing up in recent years and the ex-Chelsea star did not give his best. At any rate, he lost much of the prestige he enjoyed when he first joined the Bethlehem team and then went to Fall River, where he was the most popular player with the Marksmen. When the mere mention of a center forward was made, the name of Brittan was always flaunted as the premier center in the country. But last year saw a change. We have before us several mythical elevens and the name of Brittan is not included in one of them. Archie Stark, Bethlehem Steel center forward, is recognized as undoubtedly the greatest soccer star in the country. Other players who are given preference over Brittan on their showing last season are Bobby Blair and Andrew Stevens. As a luminary Brittan held sway for a good many years, but unless he comes back with force next season his brilliancy will be dimmed.

Chance to Retrieve Honors With New Bedford
Brittan is a comparatively young player as the ages go, with a good many more years of soccer in him. He always impressed as a player who was dangerous at all times and could have been doubly so, but often he played under wraps in not taking any unnecessary changes. In this country he was always with a good team, so that his efforts on the front line were not called for in the extreme. From now on it should be different and if Brittan still has the staff he will have to unload it next season. Left out in the cold by the league champions, the ex-Chelsea star lost little time affiliating with New Bedford, a keen rival of the league leaders. It is whispered that Brittan has sunk some money in the New Bedford club and in addition to playing will have much of the advising to do. Certainly it should be his one great ambition now to return to his former phenomenal form, if for no other reason than to curb the aspirations of the Marksmen. We look for Brittan to come back with a crash.

The Old Guards Still Active
Whitey Fleming, former Bethlehem Steel outside right and one of the old Steel guards, is a player who refuses to be ushered out of the picture. When Whitey left Bethlehem several years ago to play with J & P Coats, the wiseacres were looking to see the blond topped wingman go under, but he refused to take the count and continues a strong favorite in the eyes of many big league moguls. In glancing over the list of prospective for the Boston Club next season, the name of Fleming is including among the few regulars who were signed. Another old guard who will probably be in the harness again next season is Sam Fletcher. The former Steel back is handling the managerial reigns, but at that does not pass up an opportunity to break into the lineup.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club