The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, August 25, 1926
Club Members Will Explain Fine Points at Bethlehem Steel Games

Bubbling over with enthusiasm the Soccer Booster Club of Bethlehem has completed plans for a drive for support which will embrace the entire city.

The club believes that within an athletic organization such as the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club, carrying the name and fame of Bethlehem far and wide, it is certainly worth the support of the citizens. With this in mind, the members of the club will scour the city to encourage support for the national champions.

Teams Gunning for Stars

With the toughest schedule in the history of the league ahead of them, this should not be hard to accomplish. Every team in the circuit has strengthened considerably by adding stars to their lineups. Incidentally, Bethlehem has not neglected this important detail. The local club has to do it if big league soccer is to live. Those who have closely followed the sport fully realize this, and for that reason the Booster Club was originally organized, and intends leaving no stone unturned in giving he team the support justly due it.

Each booster has pledged himself to explain at any and all times the fine points of the game to any new fan who is anxious to learn, although with the intricate off-side rule practically eliminated, there should be no difficulty for any newcomer to follow the play intelligently after he has witnessed a few matches.

Game For Pool Fund

Dave Edwards, the new goalie of the Bethlehem Soccer Club, will be one of the stars to be seen in action on Labor Day when two all-star teams play an exhibition game for the benefit of the new swimming pool. Edwards comes to the club with the reputation of being a speedy player and one of the most important captures made by Bethlehem in years.

Goalies are so plentiful in Scotland that to hold one's place in the big leagues one has to exercise every art and wile known to the game. Yet Edwards was able to hold his own for 7 years in fast company, and would have been good for many more had he not desired a change of scenery. His skill was readily apparent to those who witnessed him in practice last Saturday afternoon.

The management promises that every new star available will be used in that game. A full game of ninety minutes will be played and the contest will be conducted in precisely the same manner as an important league fixture, so that, all in all, the new pool so much desired by those with aquatic tendencies should have a good foundation built by the premier effort towards its establishment.

Tod Saylor, who is a member of the Booster Club, is at the head of the committee in charge of arrangements for the exhibition.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club