The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, August 27. 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Soccer Fields Are Needed
The one big hindrance to the extensive development of American soccer it would seem is the seeming lack of interest in providing playing grounds appropriate. Every other detail has been attended to but when it comes to real soccer fields you can count the American Soccer League clubs boasting such playing pitches on one hand and then have several fingers left over. It is strange, too, when one stops to think that soccer managers are stopping at nothing to collect the classiest aggregations of booters within their power. We second the motion on the following, penned by a sports scribe, in regards to the American soccer playing fields:

"Soccer's big need in this country right now is some real soccer fields such as they have across the Atlantic. College gridirons ripped and ridged with football cleats won't do. Even baseball fields such as Squire Ebbett's aren't any too good, and these back ally sand lots that double as baseball diamonds and whatnot are positively terrible.

"The growth of soccer through the past decade has been truly phenomenal. There has, of course, been a phenomenal grown in all branches of sport. Tennis goods maker say business was never so good, golf is booming and Jack Malaney discovered that they are making a million new baseball bats a year down in Louisville, Ky.

But soccer's sport seems to rest on individual caissons of a much more personal nature. Make way, perhaps, for a new major sport. This foot hockey is quite a game."

Signed Hungarian Star
Nat Agar, manager of the Brooklyn Wanderers, and his Jewish and Irish stars, and then came to bat with his announcement that he has signed Kalman Konrad, the leading right in Hungary. Konrad was a sensation in Hungarian football; in fact, so much pressure was brought to keep him from joining the Wanderers that Agar purposely withheld publication of his acquisition until he was safely on the way. Konrad has represented Hungary in all its international games for the past several years. Agar considers that he has put over the biggest deal of the year in signing the Hungarian and expect that when he and Neufeld, formerly of the Hakoahs, get going the Wanderers will boast of the greatest right wing ever seen in this country.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club