The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, September 1, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

A Team of Celebrities
When the Boston club comes to Bethlehem to play the Steel Workers in an American League game, fans will witness one of the greatest aggregations of big time soccer stars ever assembled on one team. And that goes for the Bethlehem Steel team of yore and the present clan of Steel Workers. Headed by Muirhead, a regular with the Glasgow Rangers, a Scottish first division club, other celebrities included in the lineup are Patterson, a goalie, and McMillan, a right fullback, late of the Dunferlin, second division Scottish League. Alec McNab, an outside right, late of the Greenock-Morton club, first division and Scottish Internationalist, and Jimmy Ballantine, late of the Patrick Thistle, a first division club. With this bevy of talent as a nucleus, the Boston management is making its debut in professional soccer has a club that is going to make a spirited bid for the honors this season.

Muirhead's Work a Revelation
When Muirhead quit the Glasgow Rangers all Scotland was amazed and his decision to come to America crated quite a furor in European soccer ranks. To see him in action one can readily understand why his invasion to America has created such a sensation for his work on the soccer field is about the neatest witnessed in this country. Muirhead plays in the half back line although he is equally as dangerous on the forward line and any team competing against Boston will have to perfect a defense against a six man forward line. When on t he offensive Muirhead is up with the front liners playing an inside position. On the defensive he reinforces the backs with his presence. His shooting at goal and masterful control of the ball in placing it to the forwards is marvelous. Time and again in the game against Bethlehem he sped the ball, fairly skimming over the turf, to the very toe of Stevens, the Boston center forward. The strength of the Boston front liners can readily be gleaned by the facts that no less than eight parting shots struck the cross bar or the uprights, three scored, a number went by by the closest margin with Carson about the busiest goalie ever seen on a soccer field and featured with his sensational work.

Wanted to Sell Whiskey, The Story They Tell
Muirhead's sudden decision to come to America, it is understood, was influenced by objections registered by his club relative to a position he could have retained in addition to playing. A total abstainer of alcoholic beverages himself, Muirhead had an opportunity of representing a big whiskey house as a salesman and was all set on taking the job. However, the objection of the club and the pressure brought to bear was that severed that he was more or less forced to turn down the proposition. This somewhat irrated the Mr. Muirhead who then made his plans to depart to other climes. Nothing was said of his intention until all was primed for his departure and then his sudden leave taking resulted in quite a bit of unfavorable criticism abroad.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club