The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, September 1, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Bethlehem to Test Merit of Teams
Down New York way they apparently pick on Bethlehem booters to gauge the strength of the Gotham representatives in the American Soccer League. One is lead to believe that by comments made in a metropolitan paper, referring to the game Bethlehem is to play in Starlight Park, the new home of the New York Giants, this season. Announcing the soccer card for the New York district, on which Indiana Flooring is slated to meet Brooklyn and Bethlehem, the New York Giants, the scribe writes the following: "Indiana and the Giants will be making their debuts. Both contests will be highly important, for Bethlehem has downed the Wanderers twice and decisively in exhibition games and Indiana's strength will be learned rather definitively on the showing it makes against Brooklyn. Then, too, the Giants will be stamped pretty well as to playing ability after their meeting with Bethlehem, which seems to be one of the big elevens in the league again."

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club